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The history behind Tiny & Tinys Pet Services:


We are a locally & family owned since 2006-2007

Tinys Services all started when we got cold shouldered for having/owning a 'pit bull'.

To get pet boarding, pet training, even proper vet care was unbearable. Breed restrictions are a tough situation to deal with, no one should have to give up a family pet/member because they are mis-judged. Every Pet Deserves a chance! don't you think?

So we here at 'tinys page' started offering services for those who understand the situation & need assistance.

We did focus mainly on 'Aggressive' breeds starting out, however tinyspage is now devoted to every living pet. Whether its a

dog, cat, bird, ferret, even a fish....

Our services are brought to you by some of the best pet lovers & caregivers.

Our Faculty is thoroughly background checked, homes are inspected & their pets must be up to date on vaccines & training! Your pets couldn't be in better hands!

If you would like to be a part of the team, helping others with their pets & needs,

feel free to contact us to find out how.

You can help with pets services, walking dogs, pet waste clean up, occasional

pet sit. Or other responsibilities include fostering, volunteering, Animal Transport & more!

We here at Tinys Page have rescued and rehomed Dogs, even other animals & Continue to so with the help and support of our followers, & Supporters!

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